It's April, Fools

Posted April 01, 2014

Already. Really. Another quarter has passed and it's time to gear up for summer. Really.

Before you move on to executing summer campaigns and starting your fall planning (really.),  don't forget to evaluate your Q1 web performance.

In celebration of the fourth month of the year, here are four simple trends to analyze in your web traffic:

1. Compare overall Q1 14 web traffic to benchmarks from Q1 13. Hopefully it's growing. If not, what can you do to refresh your content. It's not too late for a little spring cleaning with fresh photos, maybe a fresh skin, and some updated news.

2. Compare Texas Spring Break 14 web traffic (3/9-3/15) to benchmarks from Spring Break 13 (3/10-3/16). We're seeing that traffic was up compared to last year, what are your stats telling you?

3. Take a look at your referrals for Q1 14 compared to benchmarks from Q1 13. If you're devoting time to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.),  are you driving more or less traffic to your site from these sources? Is the traffic you're driving sticking around (higher time spent on site and more pages viewed per visit)? Are your stats showing a return on your social investment?

4. Compare the devices used to access your site in Q1 14 to those used in Q1 13. If your site is engaging more mobile or tablet traffic, make sure it's both responsive and optimized.

There's so much more we can share, examine, process and compare, but it's April. Already. Really.

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