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A Moment of Pause

Posted August 15, 2014

There are memes, T-shirts, bumper stickers and Facebook pages supporting those who survived "The Great Facebook Crash of 2014." Reuters reported users having trouble accessing Facebook in the United States, Chile and India, but Facebook has not shared details of their investigation into the service disruption. For some, those 19 or so minutes on 8/1/14 in which America's true favorite pastime became inaccessible, social media addicts refreshed Facebook on one device, while taking to other forms of social media, like Twitter, to complain about The Tweet of Godthe fact that they couldn't check in with their network of friends, colleagues and kitty cat video feeds on Facebook.






Point A Media is leery to join the hoards pleading "#neverforget" (previously reserved for fallen officers, 9/11 and other horrific tragedies) in the face of  another case of #facebookdown. We recognize that Facebook is a third party product – and if you’re already one of our clients, you’ve probably already heard this little speech several hundred times. You have access to it today, but you don't own it, operate it or control anything about the social monster. It could be gone tomorrow, and, while that may not thrill stockholders and advertisers, there will be nothing you can do about it if that is your main source for promoting your business.LAPD does not think #Facebook down is an emergency situration.



While our consistent mantra stating "your official website is yours" may seem repetitive, we believe your website should be the home, hub, source and holder of all of the information you want to make available to prospective customers. So next time you're at a loss for productivity when you experience another #facebookfail, take some time to review your web content and call your A-Team about optimizing your site to better inform your customers and promote your business.




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