Abracadabra Overview

Are you in need of advertising? Do you aspire to attract an audience and accentuate your appeal? We admire your ambition; allow us to assist. We can advise you on ways to amass attention, we can help you take advantage of every avenue that augments your acclaim, and we can aggregate and analyze information to accurately ascertain if you are accruing an ample assortment of eyeballs. We're artistic, adaptable and assiduous. We're Point A Media, and we're awesome at advertising (and alliteration, and lots of other stuff that doesn't start with "A").

Become A Client

  • As much as we love working with all of our clients, this "awesome" doesn't come without a commitment, and though billing can interrupt our creative flow, we've found it rather prudent to charge for our services.
  • While we work with select clients on a per-project basis, most of our clients are partners – from initial query to solutions and celebrations.
  • Our minimum initial consultation is $2,500; this starts the Point A Process by helping us get to know you and your business, so we can decide whether working together will be mutually beneficial.
  • New clients should be prepared to invest 5-10% of gross revenue in advertising.

If you're interested in making the A-list, please drop us A-line!

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