Jeff Brewer

Code name: Pink Robot

Super power: Hot-tubbin' with David Duchovny

Finishing move: Triple-roundhouse scissor kick

Representative quote: "I create for the same reason the caveman did. I am a caveman."

Long, long ago in a far away place, Jeff Brewer discovered he had a knack for drawing. He soon found he could use this talent to get out of extracurricular activities, look cool and, most importantly, meet girls... and a career was born.

Jeff has a BFA in drawing, printmaking and jewelrymaking from Sam Houston State University; he earned an MA in sculpture and painting and an MFA in sculpture and metals from Stephen F. Austin State University. He has taught a wide range of art classes, from digital media to typography to expressive drawing at Stephen F. Austin State University, Angelina College and University of Texas at Tyler.*

Here at Point A Media, Jeff is head groundskeeper, activity director, bartender and, last but not least, a fantastic illustrator and designer. He specializes in color theory and has a minimalist approach to all things design.

Jeff designed, fabricated and built his own home, owned a sign shop named Gorilla Graphics in a previous life, and is a scratch golfer. His interests are as follows: the letter z, singularity, a ten foot putt, fresh figs, harmony, understanding, tulips, the tango, long runs, cut grass, the color teal, clouds, rust stains on concrete, clouds, small violent birds, the realization of exactly how fast time goes, the number 7, politricks, cows, short walks, good stories, using the word "sans", lying in the sun, etc... He is rarely, if ever, serious.

*Yes, he is super qualified to tell you when something looks really, really great.


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