It's 2012. Optimize Already.

Posted 02/10/2012
So we keep ranting on Facebook about optimizing your website for mobile devices. What do we mean? Mobile websites are more than small versions of your existing site they are “thumb-friendly,” easily-navigated sites that give you the opportunity to reinforce your brand in a streamlined on-the-go package.

This doesn’t mean you have to limit your website to a black-and-white, sans-serif outline. In fact, with the exception of incorporating some aging programming languages (like Flash), mobile sites still give you the flexibility to project a campaign-consistent tone with branded graphics. For a side-by-side comparison, pull up on your desktop and your smart phone.

If you need independent data that tells you mobile optimization should be a priority, click here to check out a fancy-pants infographic. The graphic will also make you feel a bit better to know that in 2010, it was estimated that less than a quarter of the Alexa top 500 websites were optimized for mobile.

P.S. Granted the following data is ancient in tech terms (sourced December 2011), by 2014, mobile internet access is expected to take over desktop/laptop usage. Oh, and more than 350 million (of the 800 million) active users access Facebook through their mobile devices. P.P.S. We know we're the pot calling the kettle black. While our site is not fully optimized, it is mobile friendly and features pages that expand/contract for different devices.

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