Even in the virtual world, you get what you pay for

Posted 01/07/2014
With 16 million websites joining the world wide web every month, businesses that haven't made the plunge online are scrambling to secure a presence.

"Free" DIY websites are pervasive; Wix, WordPress, Weebly and Squarespage all promise "everything you need" to launch your business online. Business owners turning to someone who knows someone that can throw up a website for "virtually nothing" are getting little if any kind of return for their discount investment.

98% of amateur web designers FAIL in publishing a website on a domain.

Founder of Dashburst Danel Zeevi said "Serious businesses should always look to have their websites professionally developed."

When choosing to move forward with a website for your company, you should Invest in an internet strategy that bolsters your corporate brand. Look for companies with proven experience, functioning websites, comprehensive server analytics, and a plan to create an anchor for your brick and mortar or virtual business in the vast world wide web.

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