The Business Behind Facebook Pages

Posted 04/17/2013
Your business is on Facebook. Point A Media told you to get an account, your kids told you everyone is there, the media told you that you're probably too late.

Don't fret. Facebook is still here, it's still growing, you're online and now it's time to remember why you jumped on the digital train.

Facebook is a method of socializing with people in an effort to direct them to YOUR website.

Facebook is a third party product. You have access to it now, but you don't own or control interest in the company. It could be gone tomorrow. Your official website is yours — and should contain all of the information you want to make available to prospective customers.

What does that mean?

Your Facebook page posts need to contain backlinks to your official website.

Keep posting relevant and timely news that interests your fans and engages them to share your posts on their own walls, with their friends and in their groups. However, don't give it all away on Facebook. Your posts should be short (truncated), appetizing messages that welcome them to get the full story with a direct link to the appropriate page on your website.

When they get to your site, make sure the meat of the story is clearly marked and accessible. Don't forget to note Facebook referrals in your site analytics, using the engagement of the link as a measure of the return on your investment in the Facebook promotion.

Questions about optimizing your social media campaign? Contact your Point person at  Point A Media.

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